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[PIO] Announcement by the Office of the Environment Commissioner Ms Maria Panayiotou on the occasion of World Environment Day


World Environment Day, celebrated around the world every year on 5 June, is a special occasion to focus our attention on the importance of environmental protection and the need for sustainable development. It is another reason for global mobilisation, both to protect the environment and to highlight the importance of nature for the well-being and sustainability of our planet.

It is an opportunity to highlight our commitment to addressing the environmental challenges facing our planet and to recognise the urgent need for action and cooperation to protect our planet for future generations. From climate change and biodiversity loss, to air and water pollution, the environmental challenges are undoubtedly global and require joint and coordinated efforts.

On the occasion of World Environment Day, the Office of the Environment Commissioner is delighted to announce with the Department of Forestry the launch of an ambitious project to make the Academy of Education National Forest Park a model park in water management. Through this project we are demonstrating in practice that we are moving from words to deeds and highlighting the park as a model for optimal water management, encouraging the efficient use and protection of water resources.

With these initiatives, the Environment Commissioner's Office seeks to promote sustainable development, the sustainable management of natural resources and the protection of the environment for future generations.


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