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[PIO] The Minister of Labour and Social Insurance Mr.Yannis Panagiotou met with employers' and trade unions' organisations for the renewal


A meeting was held today with the employers' and trade union organisations, OSEOK and SEK, PEO, and DEOK, where the framework of the mediation proposal of the Ministry of Labour for the renewal of the Collective Agreement in the construction industry, which is pending since 2022, was presented.

Subsequently, the Minister of Labour and Social Insurance, Mr. Yannis Panagiotou, made the following statement.

The proposed improvements respond to the needs and capabilities of both sides in a balanced and rational manner, so that they can be agreed, implemented and have a positive impact.

In addition, the framework presented includes concrete measures to better regulate labour relations in the construction industry, to effectively address the phenomena of undeclared and underreported work, and in particular to correct the significant discrepancy between the wages provided for by the However, the public interest requires that the social partners demonstrate the responsibility that has always characterised them, which is essential at this juncture and which I expect to be confirmed in the coming days through their constructive attitude.

I am optimistic that we will be able to reach an agreement on the renewal of the collective agreement in the construction industry, and this will be an important positive development for everyone."

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