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[PIO] The Minister of Health paid a visit to the General State Laboratory


By the end of 2028, early 2029, it is expected that the new building which will house the General State Chemistry Department will be completed, said Health Minister Dr.Poppy Kanari after her visit to the General State Chemistry Department.

The Minister said that the building design and planning has already been done and the project is expected to commence by the end of the year 2023. The main building which currently houses the services of the General Chemistry Department was built in 1970, Dr Kanari said, adding that the new building will be located near the Mental Health Services in Athalassa.

Referring to the multi-dimensional work of the State General Chemistry Department, Dr Kanari said that the chemistry department contributes significantly to prevention issues, which has the Ministry of Health as its "pillar". As the Minister of Health noted, in the twenty laboratories of the State General Chemistry Department, samples concerning the food chain, the safety of medicines and cosmetics, the safety of children's toys, etc. are tested, among other things. Dr Kanari pointed out that the State Chemistry Department's laboratories often receive awards for their efficiency, and "the State General Chemistry Department was the first Department of the State to be accredited".

Referring to a recent European directive which concerns the control of water quality and the role of the State General Laboratory, the Minister of Health noted that the State Laboratory monitors and carries out checks even more frequently on both drinking tap water, bottled water, water tankers and dams. "Our water quality is excellent and we need to send the message that both our water and our food come under the microscope of the State Chemistry Department," Dr. Kanari noted. "The citizen must have confidence in a department that puts us in the limelight both locally and at the European level."

The Minister congratulated the Director of the State General Chemical Laboratory, Ms. Rebecca Kokkinofta, and the staff of the State Chemical Laboratory for their professionalism.

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