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[PIO] Attorney General: At the 4th Euro-Mediterranean Conference of Prosecutors General and the 16th Meeting of the Consultative Forum of the


Trafficking in persons, smuggling of migrants and Ukraine on the agenda

The Attorney General of the Republic Mr. George Savvidis, in order to participate successively in the proceedings of the 4th EuroMed Forum of Prosecutors General and the 16th Meeting of the Consultative Forum of Prosecutors General and Chiefs of Criminal Prosecution of the EU Member States (Eurojust Consultative Forum), which have been convened to take place at Eurojust's headquarters in The Hague on 12-13 October and 13-14 October respectively.

The 4th Euro-Mediterranean Conference is expected to focus on progress in the implementation of the Strategy and Action Plan 2022-2025 to combat trafficking in human beings and smuggling of migrants in the Mediterranean region, as well as on the seizure of the proceeds of crime and recovery of assets.

Ukraine and the examination of issues related to the criminal dimension of the war in Ukraine will occupy the work of the 16th Consultative Forum of Prosecutors General and Chief Prosecutors of the EU Member States,

In particular, the agenda items to be discussed will concern.EU legislative initiatives in relation to the war in Ukraine,

(2) On the criminal prosecution of persons in connection with war crimes committed in Ukraine,

(3) On the violation of sanctions imposed on Russia as a result of the war in Ukraine,

(4) On criminal aspects related to the dissemination of misleading information in the EU member states.EU Member States in connection with the war in Ukraine,

(5) On the new role of Eurojust in dealing with serious international crimes, and

(6) On the challenges faced by Member States in relation to the independence of prosecuting authorities in their countries.

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