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[PIO] Address by Environment Commissioner Ms Antonia Theodosiou at the award ceremony for the action "Net Zero for Youth"


It is always a pleasure to see our children, young people and young women involved in the community and especially the environment. So it's an honour to be here today to welcome the award ceremony for Net Zero for Youth (NZ4Y), an action which we have willingly put under the auspices of the Office of the Environment Commissioner.

We recently held a press conference to present the results of the pilot, which, to everyone's satisfaction, are very positive. Based on these results, the action will therefore be extended to all secondary schools.

The aim of the Net Zero for Youth action is to involve students more directly in the major challenges facing humanity as a result of the climate crisis and its consequences for the environment. Through targeted activities that may have an indirect or direct impact on the consequences of climate change or for the benefit of the environment, students gain knowledge and hands-on experience to help them choose a lifestyle with environmentally friendly habits and practices.

For example, the first activity of the action, "The magical world of farming", involves planting seeds and monitoring and recording the progress of the crop. This is followed by the harvesting of the vegetables and of course the most enjoyable part, the consumption! At the same time, the action foresees the recording of the students' behaviour and response through electronic questionnaires and online competitions.

As the Office of the Commissioner for the Environment, we strongly support environmental objectives and actions that enhance the conservation and restoration of nature, as well as educational programmes that aim to raise awareness, educate and change attitudes on issues related to sustainability and the environment. Through these, schools are transformed into communities of sustainable coexistence on a pedagogical and practical level.

In conclusion, I congratulate the partner organisations, CYMEPA and Cyta, all those who contributed to the implementation of the project, the teachers and of course the students who are being awarded today.

Children, I warmly congratulate you for your efforts.

Children, I congratulate you for your efforts. It is particularly important that you, the young people, are actively involved in issues concerning the environment and sustainable development. After all, the future is in front of you and you should (also) make sure that it is what you want, dream and deserve.

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