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Obtaining a Visa to England in Cyprus


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Hello everyone!

I got my 2 year UK visa today) I have described below what my process was like, maybe someone will find it useful too:)

Applying for a UK Visa in Cyprus

Step 1. Fill in the form.

The form is filled in on Visit the UK as a Standard Visitor

I applied for a Standard Visitor visa for 2 years, the price is £376. There is a shorter one for 6 months at £100.

Step 2. Make an appointment to apply at the center in Nicosia.

The appointment is also through gov.uk. You will see the available slots as soon as you submit the form. I signed up in October, there were a lot of slots for a week later.

Step 3. Attach documents

The list of documents I attached is below.

-all pages of 2 current passports
-all pages of the old passport
-filled pages of the Russian passport

- Cyprus residence permit
-rental agreement

-work contract
-report of employment, salary and so on from work
-report of the last 6 months' salary from work
-bank statement for the last 6 months

-invitation from my sister
-main page of her passport
-sister's BRP
-confirmation, BR\]-sister's birth certificate
-sister's birth certificate
-birth certificate translations

P.S: You might not have to fall as hard and file less. I just gathered all the docs I was advised to add so there would definitely be no questions.

Step 4: Arrive at the visa center in Nicosia at the appointed time to submit fingerprints and photos.

Step 5. Wait for the letter that the response is received and take the passport to the Nicosia visa center.

Step 6. Receive passport with visa from courier.

How long do I have to wait for visa processing?
I was told that visa processing time is 7 weeks. In reality it turned out to be 6 weeks (5 for waiting for an answer and 1 for visa issuance). [You can withhold your passport during the waiting time (5 weeks) and hand it in at the end, when you will have received the answer for your visa from UK. The service costs 100 euros.