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[CYPRUS MAIL] Protective motorbike gear grants announced...


The online draw for the second phase of the funding scheme for motorbike protective equipment came to a close on Friday, the transport ministry announced.

Offering up to €500 for a motorcycle airbag, there have been 1,180 applications for the grant.

Specifically, 50 applications are for smaller motorbike protective gear, while the remaining 1,130 concerned bigger bikes.

The available funds for smaller bikes (type A1) amounted to €100,000 and therefore all 50 applications will be approved.

The maximum applications were set at 200.

For big bikes, (type A and A2) the government made €250,000 available in funds with a maximum applications set at 500.

Results of the draw can be found at Road Safety Cyprus

Winners will receive an email from [EMAIL PROTECTED] with more details.

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