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[CYPRUS MAIL] Kyrenia mayor pledges to ‘improve aesthetic’ of old harbour...


Kyrenia mayor Murat Senkul on Tuesday announced his intention to carry out a project to “improve the aesthetic appearance of the town’s old harbour.

The project will commence once renovation works at the harbour are completed and will “aim to increase the visual appeal of the port”.

Among the aims of the project is the plan to build a “recreation area” from the Dome hotel to the entrance to the old harbour, which “suits local people and tourists”.

The plan is for the area to be fully accessible for disabled people and for there to be viewing terraces which “people of all age groups can easily access and enjoy”.

Senkul said the “final stage” of renovation works at the harbour had now been reached, and that for this reason additional projects are being planned to meet the needs of the harbour and the surrounding area.

He said that facilities such as public toilets, rest areas, and disabled vehicle parking were all included in the renovation works, but that extra “special precautions will be taken to ensure the area is suitable for day and night use”.

Additionally, he said the project to improve the port’s aesthetics “will add great value to the region and offer an area which both local people will enjoy”.

He added that renovations to the harbour “will turn it into a modern, contemporary area suitable for the needs of today, and its touristic appeal will improve even more”.

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