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[Cyprus Mail] Coming up at Rialto...

Music, film and theatre to look forward to finds ELENI PHILIPPOU

The Rialto Theatre continues its March programme with nights of Spanish music, film screenings, live jazz and interactive walks around the theatre neighbourhoods.

Coming up first is a tribute to the great Edith Piaf. The Mome Piaf performance today celebrates the iconic French singer who rose to prominence for her fiercely passionate performances and expressive voice. As March continues to host Francophonie 2023 events, Cypriot vocalist Vakia Stavrou and nine other local musicians will perform some of Piaf’s timeless classics as arranged by Stavros Dritsas.

Up next is a three-day event focusing on Cinema and Psychoanalysis. On March 24, 25 and 26, the Cyprus Society for Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy, Tepak’s Lab for Animation of Research and Rialto present an event that seeks out the links between cinema and psychoanalysis to process the complex realities of today.

The organisers propose a new, alternative way of viewing a film which combines the art of cinema with psychoanalytic theatre. Four feature films and four short films will be screened and analysed by a panel of professionals. The events will also include a discussion with the audience and a haiku workshop delivered by BLEND Creativity Centre.

Also happening next Sunday is a morning interactive sound walk at 11am. The Peripato event, curated by Maria Varnakkidou and Konstantina Andreou returns to Rialto to take participants on a guided walk around the surrounding areas of the theatre, dedicated to the people who have lived in it in the past and those who will inhabit it in the future.

Then, the Ferefono Theatre Group will present a play by award-winning author Kieran Hurley which will be performed in Greek for the first time. Directed by Maria Kyriakou, Mouthpiece will be presented on March 28 and 29 at Rialto featuring a two-member cast Melanie Steliou and Andreas Daniel. The play is set in Edinburgh where two strangers randomly meet. Declan inspires Libby to start writing again and Libby gives Declan hope. He tells her his story and she gives him a voice.

Wrapping up the month’s performances is a dance-theatre show inspired by Pantelis Varnavas’ book Memoirs of a Miner. It focuses on Cypriot miners as they re-emerge with their pitch-black faces, sweat and blood into the light. Their cry mingles with that of the Andalusian workers of Spain who sing along to the struggle for survival. Compania Flamenca Filippa with Philippa Stylianoude as the director and choreographer add the performance’s dance element while the acting and narration take place with Christos Kyriakou and Evi Panikou on stage.

March at Rialto

Times and tickets at www.rialto.com.cy

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