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[CYPRUS MAIL] Call to take anti-flooding measures...


Paphos district officer Mary Lambrou issued a call to all local authorities on Tuesday to urgently undertake preventative measures for winter weather, such as decongesting areas near bridges to prevent floods.

A regional meeting has been set for October 5 where all relevant stakeholders are to discuss the matter.

But ahead of the meeting, Lambrou told the Cyprus News Agency (CNA) that local authorities must be on high alert to “prevent the worst”.

“We expect everyone to be vigilant and take all actions that will enable us to successfully address the potential extreme weather conditions,” Lambrou stated.

She stressed that the local authorities are responsible for coordinating with the water department to carry out cleaning works at infrastructure points.

The district officer explained that their officials are cleaning channels, adding that they are coordinating with the firefighting services, civil defence and the police.

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