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[Cyprus Mail] 20 winners announced in 13th annual Stelios Bicommunal awards...


Twenty Greek and Turkish Cypriot entrepreneurs from bicommunal groups were on Tuesday awarded cash prizes as the winners of the 13th Stelios Bicommunal Awards for Business Cooperation.

Each of the winners – 10 Greek Cypriots and 10 Turkish Cypriots – has won a cash prize of €10,000.

The award ceremony took place online on Tuesday afternoon, with Sir Stelios congratulating the winners via Zoom in the presence of all entrepreneurs who won.

Specifically, 46 groups of Greek and Turkish Cypriots (a total of 92 entrepreneurs from the two communities) submitted joint applications for this year’s awards, competing for the top 10 spots for the best business proposals.

From the institution’s inception in 2009 until today, the total value of the Bicommunal Awards for Business Cooperation amounts to €4,190,000.

Congratulating the winners as well as all the participants in the competition, Sir Stelios said: “I am particularly happy because despite the negative climate that prevails on the island, we received 92 applications for participation, a very satisfactory number, given the current situation”.

“The 20 winners proved once again that there is the possibility of bicommunal cooperation in Cyprus, which is made even easier by the new era of Teams and Zoom, as it reduces to a minimum the need for unnecessary travel,” he added.

“Warm congratulations to the 20 winners, who overcame all obstacles, contributing with their cooperation to the consolidation of lasting peace on the island,” he concluded.

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