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[PIO] Address by the President of the Republic Mr. Nikos Christodoulides at the Installation Ceremony of the President of the Senate and the


It is a great honour for me and I feel truly proud to address the Installation Ceremony of the President and the presentation of the first Senate of the Cyprus Academy of Sciences, Letters and Arts, after the end of the five-year transition period on 10 April 2024. Today is a milestone for the academic life of our country and beyond. The establishment and operation of the Academy, the Supreme Spiritual Institution of Cyprus, the home of the most distinguished scientists, scholars and artists, is undoubtedly a milestone in the history of our country. At the same time, its operation places it institutionally and dynamically in the international scientific, cultural and academic scene, with the deserved representation of our country in European and international Associations of Academies.

Before any further reference, allow me to congratulate the first Honorary Members of the Academy, Academicians Loukas Christoforou, Kyriakos Nikolaou and Christoforos Pissarides, and to commemorate the late Vassos Karagiorgis, and to thank them on behalf of the State for the important work they have done so that from 2019 Cyprus will have its own Academy.

As the Government, from the very beginning we have been strong supporters and supporters of the Cyprus Academy of Sciences, Letters and Arts, because we simply recognise its value, importance and potential to play an important, decisive role in the scientific community not only in our country but also internationally. Its contribution to the country, despite its short life, is invaluable and our aim is to further collaborate and harness the expertise and wisdom of all members of the Academy on issues and questions of concern to our Society, with particular emphasis on four key priority areas: health, education, Digital Transformation and the Green Transition of our country.

These areas, as I have repeatedly mentioned, are a priority for our governance, which at the same time aims at the greatest possible participation and involvement of experts and stakeholders in the broader decision-making process, demonstrating in practice what we want to promote in our country, participatory democracy.

In this context, the Cyprus Academy of Sciences, Letters and Arts cannot be absent from the great effort of the State for the promotion, upgrading and development of our country. And it is precisely within this reasoning that my personal assurance for the swiftest processing and settlement of the issues that concern you - we know them very well as a State - so that the Cyprus Academy can acquire its own home as soon as possible, the home it deserves, a place that I look forward to becoming an academic centre of international renown.

My address tonight could not be without reference, my warm thanks, to the outgoing Transitional Administration of the Cyprus Academy, with Loukas Christoforou as its first President and then Andreas Demetriou as its second, but also to the newly elected Presidium, with Professor Achilleas Aimylianides as President, and to the members of the first Senate, all of them distinguished personalities with academic credentials and international recognition in the field of Sciences, Letters and Arts.

Dear Mr. Aimylianides, dear Senators, please accept my warmest congratulations and best wishes for a successful term of office at the Cyprus Academy of Sciences, Letters and Arts.

With the end of the five-year transition period, the Cyprus Academy of Sciences, Letters and Arts enters a new period with specific goals and visions. As a State, we will always be by your side, always assisting and accompanying you in your work and we will support your work in every way, always for the benefit of the Cypriot and wider European society. It is with great pleasure that yesterday I received a letter that you have sent together with the Presidents of the Academies of the other 26 EU Member States, on the occasion of the upcoming elections for members of the European Parliament and the importance - and we fully agree - that the EU must give to the field of Education.

I conclude by reiterating how proud we are of your actions, which, like our own priorities, have the sole aim of improving the everyday life of the citizen.

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