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[PIO] Address by the Environment Commissioner Ms Antonia Theodosiou at the award ceremony for the "Young Journalists for the Environment" Programme


It is always a pleasure to see our children, young people and young women involved in the community and especially the environment. That is why I am honoured and delighted to accept the invitation to welcome the award ceremony for the Young Reporters for the Environment (YRE) programme

Through this international programme aimed at raising awareness, education and changing attitudes, students have demonstrated their dedication and love for the environment by using their journalistic skills to highlight important issues related to nature and sustainability. Through the project, a local environmental problem is highlighted and positive solutions are proposed through articles, photos and videos.

The research consists of three pieces of evidence of dissemination and publicity of the issue in the school and local community, as well as at the state level. It is important to say that the research must be linked to one of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals and at the same time explore the environmental aspect of the chosen topic.

Participation in the "Young Journalists for the Environment" programme is extremely important, as through the programme environmental education and the active participation of young people in the protection of our planet are strengthened. Students not only develop their journalistic skills, but also cultivate their ecological awareness and become ambassadors for environmental protection. This combination of education and action is essential for the creation of a new generation of citizens who take initiatives for a more sustainable and healthy planet. It is particularly important that you young people are actively involved in issues relating to the environment and sustainable development. We acknowledge your efforts and contribution to the protection of the environment and I hope that this award, together with the moral satisfaction of your contribution, will motivate you to continue this important work.

You, the young generation, can inspire and contribute to us, and even determine policies and actions to save the planet and humanity.

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