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[CYPRUS MAIL] Huge amount of Gaza aid ready for shipment from Cyprus, US says...


Hundreds of tons of aid are ready to be dispatched to Gaza through the maritime humanitarian corridor, the US said on Wednesday as it thanked Cyprus’ leadership for its efforts.

In a press conference US Agency for International Development Response director Dan Dieckhaus and vice admiral Brad Cooper, deputy commander of the US Central Command sought to assuage concerns that the corridor may be used to displace Palestinians from Gaza.

They specified the temporary pier will be fixed to the Gaza shore in the coming days and aid delivery will begin.

“Today we have hundreds of tons of aid ready for delivery and thousands of tons of aid in the pipelineWe are seeing significant volumes of aid flowing into Cyprus for further distribution and we expect this flow will continue as more international donors contribute.”

The officials said the Israeli government has been “highly supportive” of this overall effort, specifying that the concept of the corridor has been discussed with the Palestinian Authority too.

“Our understanding is that there’s general support.”

Explaining the logistics behind the corridor, they highlighted that Cyprus receives aid via air or sea and it is screened, palletised and prepared.

“We have two coordination cells in place, one in Cyprus and one in Israel. For weeks we’ve been working side by side with the USAID team, Cypriots, Israelis and the UN to support the planning effort to increase the flow of humanitarian assistance in Gaza.”

The officials stressed that US troops will not be on Gaza’s soil, stressing that “the temporary pier is built for the express purpose of delivering humanitarian aid to help the people of Gaza.”

“Cyprus is helping coordinating, getting everyone on the same page, on the same schedule.”

Addressing concerns of looting, the US officials said they are monitoring the situation and called on all parties not to interfere with the delivery of life-saving assistance intended for the people of Gaza.

“I’d simply like to add my thanks to the Cypriot government for their leadership and supporting this entire operation. It would not be possible without them.

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