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An ambulance for tourists?


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Hi all, a search of the chat room turned up nothing. Arrived a day ago, the girl got sick (no fever, a lot of pain in the legs, nausea and a migraine). Who can tell me how the ambulance works for those who are conditionally on a tourist visa?
It works fine, emergence is free for everyone, if you have insurance - then they will take you there, if you feel well and it's not far to the hospital - you can go straight there.
They say that the ambulance is not supposed to help on the spot, but rather to take you to the hospital. But that may be the subjective opinion of several people who called the ambulance.
There are no doctors in ambulances here, and paramedics can only help with simple cases. And the main function of the ambulance is to take you to the hospital.
Option 1: Call a cab. You go to General Hospital. You pay 10 euros. Option 2: You call an ambulance, they tell you that with your symptoms you can get there yourself. Then you either follow option 1 or start squatting that you're dying.
Either way, you wait there for your turn to be treated for another couple of hours.