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[PIO] Protective Equipment Grant Scheme for the Period 2023


Grant of up to €500 for the purchase of an Airbag for Motorcyclists

The Ministry of Transport, Communications and Works announces that the online draw for the second phase of the Grant Scheme for the Purchase of Protective Equipment for Motorcyclists has been completed.

As a reminder, at the end of the application period for the Motorcycle Protective Equipment Grant from the Ministry of Transport, Communications and Works, a total of 1180 applications were received, of which 50 were for the grant of protective equipment for "Low Power" motorcycles and the remaining 1130 were for the grant of protective equipment for "High Power" motorcycles under the scheme announced on 1 February 2023.

In addition, the available budget for low-power motorcycles (A1 licence type) is 100,000 euros, the 50 applications will immediately receive preliminary approval to proceed with the purchase of equipment and the submission of the necessary certificates and declarations. The maximum number of applications set was 200.

As regards "High Power" motorcycles (type A and A2 licences), the available budget is €250,000. The maximum number of applications to be approved is 500, to which will be added the remaining 150 applications from the sponsorship scheme for low-power motorcycles. A total of 650 applications for pre-approval sponsorships.

The results of the draw have been posted on the website Road Safety Cyprus and relate to the 1130 remaining applications (based on the available budget), which were drawn for the 650 pre-approved sponsorships.

For more information regarding the application completion process, as well as all necessary documentation, please visit the website https:/www.motosafety.gov.cy

Finally, a message will be sent to all successful applicants by e-mail from motosafety@mcw.gov.cy to the account indicated by the applicants.

The Ministry of Transport, Communications and Works wishes to thank the citizens who have embraced this effort to improve road safety in our country.


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