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[PIO] Approval by the Council of Ministers of the Plan for the Granting of Holidays of Low Pensioners in Hotels in the Mountain resorts and the Tower


The Council of Ministers approved the proposal of the Minister of Labour and Social Insurance, Mr.Yannis Panagiotou, for the announcement of the scheme entitled "Holiday Grant Scheme for Low Pensioners' Holidays in Hotels in Mountain resorts and the Tower of Tillyria during the periods June - July 2023 and September - October 2023".

The Scheme will operate for the period from 16/6/2023 to 31/7/2023 and from 1/9/2023 to 31/10/2023 or until the relevant budget is exhausted, under which a full subsidy will be provided for a 4-day stay (3 nights), from Friday to Monday and from Tuesday to Friday, with full board, for low-income pensioners for holidays in resorts in the mountainous areas and the Tower of Tillyria.

Beneficiaries of the Plan are the permanent residents of the island.500 for singles and,

(4) pensioners with an annual income of up to €20.000 for families

as well as their dependants, as defined in the Plan of Assistance to Low-Income Pensioners

The cost of implementing the Plan for the participation of approximately 5,200 persons is estimated at eight hundred thousand euros (€800,000).

The cost of implementing the Plan for the participation of approximately 5,200 persons is estimated at eight hundred thousand euros (€800,000).

The aim of the Plan is, on the one hand, to provide quality services to low-income people, but also to support our country's mountain resorts, which, through their operation, offer a significant number of jobs in areas outside urban centres, enhance the tourist product of Cyprus during the winter months, thus helping to extend the tourist season and, through their operation, support to a significant extent the communities in which they operate.

As regards the application procedure, the Ministry of Labour and Social Insurance will inform the beneficiaries in detail as soon as the procedures regarding the implementation of the Plan are finalised.


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