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[CYPRUS MAIL] Revisiting conflict on the island...


A new month-long exhibition at the Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation this June is the second showcase of the trilogy Museums Discuss Social Issues. Titled ReThinking CONFLICTS: Conflict in Progress, the exhibition will run from June 2 to July 2 dissecting the theme of conflict, how it affects societies, cultural heritage and artists.

“Conflicts arise between individuals, social groups or nations and peoples,” write organisers. “They are multi-layered and complex. Artifacts are often preserved as significant conflict traces. How conflicts become part of the culture of collective memory depends on the prevailing power structures and the corresponding representations and narratives. How can we interpret them today? How does today affect how we see the conflicts of the past? How do we deal with recurring conflicts over the centuries?

“Who ultimately owns our cultural heritage and how will we define and utilise it in the future? These questions formed the cornerstone of the European programme Horizon 2020 ‘Redefining the Future of Culture Heritage, through a disruptive model of sustainability’(ReInHerit), which is a joint collaboration of several cultural and educational institutions.”

ReThinking CONFLICTS: Conflict in Progress

Exhibition. June 2-July 2. Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation, Nicosia. Daily: 10am-7pm. www.boccf.org

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